Health officials promise Bayith Yahweh surveillance 2023


On Wednesday morning, the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) led a multi-agency operation to remove the children from the residence on suspicion of underage marriage and child abuse. They were eventually transferred to St. James Family Court for protection.

Councillor David Brown (Jamaica Labour Party, Montego West Division), who represents Albion, where the Bayith Yahweh facility is located, urged the St James Public Health Department to conduct a similar operation at the compound during Thursday’s SJMC meeting.

After the procedure, I propose sending a public health team to the establishment. to check how the children were living. What can be done if it’s unsuitable?” Brown asked.

The councilman, who asked if a stop order may be issued on the institution if it’s inappropriate for residential usage, said he has had several contacts with Bayith Yahweh.

Health officials have pledged to look into Bayith Yahweh more thoroughly.

I’ve battled the institution for years. “They actually carried me to court because I made a statement saying that any forced marriage of any underage child, boy or girl, is illegal,” the councillor stated.

Brown’s remarks followed Councillor Anthony Murray’s (Jamaica Labour Party, Rose Hall Division) complaints that the property included common dwelling spaces for adults and children.

Would a building containing children and adults need public health approval? Would that building need public health certification to house children?” Murray asked.

Dr. Tanique Bailey-Small, medical officer of St. James Health Department, informed the council that their branch was not involved in the Wednesday surgery.

In response to councillors’ concerns, acting chief public health inspector for St James Steve Morrison said his staff will investigate compound living circumstances.

“Our institutional health program visits day cares and schools. “We’ll use our ammunition to investigate that,” Morris added.

The Bayith Yahweh sect has long been criticized for its chained gates. Police searched the properties in 2019 and again on Wednesday.

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