How to Get Satisfaction Points in The Sims 4 or How to Cheat to Get Infinite Points

Are you curious about how to increase your satisfaction rating? I’ll offer you the Sims 4 satisfaction point hack in this post, along with some simple tips on how to help your sims earn more points the honest way.

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Sims 4 Cheats for Satisfaction Points

In The Sims 4, satisfaction points may be redeemed for goodies that can improve and simplify your sims’ life. Among the benefits are the potential to acquire abilities more quickly, receive promotions more frequently, urinate less frequently, have a higher likelihood of having twins or triplets, and a whole lot more!

It’s easy to use the Sims 4 pleasure point hack. To make sure cheats are enabled, first use CTRL + SHIFT + C to enter the cheats box. Then, put testingcheats in. After that, enter sims.give_satisfaction_points #, replacing # with the quantity of points you wish to award your sim. It really is that simple!

How to Earn Sims 4 Satisfaction Points

The greatest method for getting pleasure points in The Sims 4 without the use of hacks is to finish whims, holidays, and ambitions.

Goals and objectives

For your sims, aspirations are similar to lifelong objectives. As they reach each goal milestone and finish the ambition altogether, sims will receive aspiration points. You will receive more points as you progress through the ambition since the tasks grow harder in general.

Your sim will receive between 3,000 and 5,000 satisfaction points for most ambitions. Since your sim might have numerous goals in life, there are countless opportunities to earn happiness points. Completing the ambition itself will also win you additional prizes.


The things your sims want to do are called whims. You will receive points for satisfying certain wants and finishing the whim.

For instance, Johnny Zest aspires to get promoted since he is an ambitious sim. I may first pin the whim to make sure it doesn’t disappear, and he will receive 100 satisfaction points upon receiving a promotion.

The Sims team has essentially abandoned the whim system, so you can find yourself repeatedly satisfying the same wishes to get pleasure points. This is a website dedicated to custom content, therefore of course I recommend downloading the Whim Overhaul mod. To find it on the page, press and hold the CTRL key. More whims related to the most recent packs and even some for the basic game will be added to your game with the Whim Overhaul mod. It is really necessary!


When you successfully complete holidays in The Sims 4 Seasons, your sim will receive satisfaction points. The best thing is that you can design your own vacations. For example, you might design a holiday that doubles your pleasure points by having you accomplish activities for your whims or aspirations.

One additional entertaining detail is that babies of Father Winter get 50% extra points for satisfying wants.

How Do You Use The Sims 4 Satisfaction Points?

Click on your sim’s ambition panel and search for the gift symbol in the upper right corner to spend four satisfaction points. When you click on this, the rewards store will open, allowing you to redeem your Sim satisfaction points. There are two categories for the rewards: characteristics and potions. Spend carefully because there are a ton of options!

How Do I Get Points for Satisfaction That Never End?

Enter the satisfaction points trick sims to receive infinite pleasure points in The Sims 4.Use CTRL + SHIFT + C to enter the cheats console and type give_satisfaction_points #. You may now have an infinite number of satisfaction points by changing the # to the maximum number of points you can think of.

I hope that this essay has addressed all of your inquiries regarding Sims 4 satisfaction points and how to either earn them honestly or by cheating. If not, please ask me questions in the space provided below. As usual, have fun simming!