How To Select A Hotel: A Comprehensive Guide

1. Take accessibility and location into account.

When selecting a hotel, accessibility is still another crucial consideration. Is there an airport near the hotel? Exist any supermarkets or convenience stores in the area? If you’re anything like me and plan your evenings around fantastic food and drink, choose a location with lots of high-quality eating alternatives nearby. Once more, it all depends on your priorities.

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Choose the destinations you wish to see and reserve a hotel in that vicinity for your trip. If your must-see destinations are far apart, reserve a hotel close to a bus stop or train station. You will still be able to access all of the city’s key attractions by public transit.

Hotels may make the claim that they are “close to” certain tourist attractions for marketing purposes. Check the location of the hotel on a map before making a reservation. When you look at their hotel’s location on a real map, it could not seem like what is described. Instead, use Google Maps.

2. Examine the facilities and size of hotel rooms.

Size may not be the most important consideration when choosing a hotel room, depending on how you want to spend your time there, but it is quite helpful when comparing hotels at similar price points. I nearly always choose the hotel with the bigger rooms when all other things are about equal.

If amenities in hotel rooms are essential to you, then you should take them into consideration as well. Make a list of everything you truly desire to have in your room. It might be a hair dryer, kettle, iron, refrigerator, or bathtub. In addition, you may require a desk and a safe if you are traveling for work. If these facilities are included in the accommodation you are renting, then confirm it via the hotel website or internet reviews.

3. Examine the fine print one again.

Remember to read the fine print even after you’re happy with the facilities. Learn about any particular terms, conditions, or limitations that apply to the hotel. Although the hotel may have all these cutting-edge amenities, are you certain they don’t come at a price? In addition to the accommodation cost, several hotels impose an extra “resort fee” to cover the use of the gym, pool, and WiFi. Additionally very expensive are parking costs, particularly in larger cities. If you want to bring a car, it’s important to confirm that the hotel has free or fairly priced parking, even if it’s just available.

Make an advance inquiry with your hotel. Verify the cancellation policy on their website. At what time are you able to arrive? When is the best time to check out? Exist any unstated resort fees or taxes? Being cautious is preferable than being regretful and broke!

4. Verify whether complimentary, high-quality breakfast is included with your reservation.

This one is intriguing. A prevalent grievance on review and reservation websites is the breakfast. The statement “breakfast is available” should not deceive you. This just indicates that it is served in the hotel’s restaurant or café. Check to see whether the complimentary breakfast is included with your reservation if it is important to you.

It might be quite helpful to have breakfast provided by your hotel because it will be one less thing for you to plan and handle while traveling. It may not be possible to obtain the breakfast products you are used to around town if you are traveling abroad from the United States. In this case, it might be easy to have a hearty breakfast at your hotel before beginning your day.

Having said that, I don’t really care whether breakfast is free as long as it’s always going to be delicious! You could definitely pay me to eat one of the far too many sloppy platters of scrambled eggs, floppy bacon, and outdated pancakes that I’ve seen. I personally wouldn’t expect to be impressed with the hotel breakfast, free or not, unless I’m staying at a five-star hotel or a hotel with an actual restaurant adjacent that people would go to for a meal on its own merit.

5. Examine the Budget’s Total Value.

Of course, one of the most significant factors in selecting a hotel is your budget. What are you prepared to give up in order to stick to your spending plan and prioritize your priorities?

I used to start my search with a set price budget in mind, believing that I could always locate a good hotel choice for less than $200 per night. But as time has gone on, I’ve seen that the variety of options available in other markets is so vast that $200 may purchase a luxurious suite in some locations while simply getting you a little room in a seedy neighborhood in others.

Therefore, if I’ve already made up my mind to visit a particular city, I find it best to start by spending around 20 minutes exploring on a well-known booking website to see how much a quality accommodation in a respectable neighborhood actually costs, and then adjust my plans accordingly. I might stay with a more basic accommodation at a mid-range establishment with a steady reputation if my plans include spending the day touring the city and going out at night. This gives you extra money for dining out and sightseeing in the city.

However, it typically feels natural to spend a little bit more on the room if I’m going on a more laid-back trip where I’ll be spending a lot of time at a hotel or resort and making it the highlight of my trip, so that I can truly make the most of it. I can afford to pay a higher nightly fee for the accommodation because I won’t be spending as much money on sightseeing and eating out.

This idea is what I refer to as the whole “value for budget” of my vacation, taking into account the accommodation as well as the other scheduled costs. From a financial standpoint, I don’t always mind paying $300 a night, but I just can’t bring myself to spend that much on a simple hotel room. If all the calculations don’t add up to a lovely room and a positive overall vacation experience, I generally change course and hunt for a less expensive location.

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In summary

Finally, before completing your reservation, it’s a good idea to quickly double-check hotel pricing at a few reliable booking websites. A fantastic offer might be just one reservation site away. I suggest delaying this till the very end, once you’ve decided just one or two locations you want to reserve, to prevent wasting time.

Vacation planning in a foreign country is a difficult task. It is made more difficult by selecting a high-quality hotel in a new city. Your journey may succeed or fail based only on your lodging. With any luck, the hints and techniques I provided can lighten your load. It’s time to enjoy the results of your effort now that you have completed your study. Examine comments and pictures, reserve a hotel, and have fun on your vacation!