The Advantages of Selecting a Wedding Ring Made of Tungsten

The two most common metals that are commonly used for wedding rings are platinum and gold.

Because of these metals’ strength and priceless worth, wedding bands have been made from them for millennia.

However, it appears that Tungsten is the new kid on the block!

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Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “What even is tungsten?” or perhaps you’ve already decided to buy a tungsten ring.

We’ll explain what tungsten is, why it’s becoming more and more popular, and why you might want to think about using it for your wedding ring in this blog.

To begin with, what makes up a tungsten ring?

One uncommon naturally occurring metal in the earth is tungsten. Its atomic number is 74 and its elemental symbol is W. Another name for it is wolfram!

Wedding rings are frequently made with tungsten carbide, which is an alloy consisting of tungsten and carbon. Because of its high melting point and hardness, tungsten is a metal that is good for long-term wear.

Although the combined hue of tungsten carbide seems deep gray, many wedding ring designs include polished metal that has a brighter look. It may also be carved or sandblasted to create a distinctive pattern.

They are also extremely durable, tarnish-resistant, and hypoallergenic because of the mix of tungsten and carbon, which makes them an excellent option for anyone with sensitive skin. They are also reputed to retain their shine indefinitely!

Why Do Individuals Select Tungsten?

Tungsten Is Robust and Sturdy

Grooms often choose tungsten wedding bands because of its robustness and longevity. They are the perfect option for anyone who works with their hands since they can endure hardship and a variety of circumstances without breaking.

Hardness is one of the characteristics of tungsten that indicates how long the metal will endure, therefore tungsten wedding bands are made to last.

This makes selecting tungsten as your metal for a ring you will wear every day for the rest of your life a wise investment because you almost certainly won’t need to replace it in the future.

Tungsten Requires Little Upkeep

Wedding bands made of tungsten require relatively minimal upkeep. In fact, it should be alright if you never take it off again. Nevertheless, we always advise doing some maintenance!

This is so that they won’t tarnish from frequent wear and tear as tungsten wedding bands are resistant to scratches. They don’t go dull as other metals like gold or silver do; their shine endures for years.

Your ring’s form will stay true for years to come since tungsten rings are robust enough to resist warping.

With all of these benefits, working with a jeweler to reshape or clean will cost less money!

But tungsten is less expensive.

Wedding bands may be very costly! Particularly when considering possibilities for 18k and 22k gold or platinum. Wedding bands made of tungsten can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, making them among the most reasonably priced options available.

This implies that there should be a tungsten wedding band to suit any budget.

The cost of tungsten wedding bands only starts to go up based on the inlay that is fitted into your ring. For example, the cost of adding diamonds will be more than that of a more basic tungsten ring design.

There is no allergy to tungsten.

It may be tough to locate a jewelry metal that doesn’t react if you have a history of skin sensitivities. Thank goodness, tungsten is hypoallergenic, thus an allergic response is unlikely to occur.

For those who are allergic to gold or other delicate metals, tungsten is a safe and effective substitute.

Like everything else, it’s wise to see a doctor before trying a new metal if you have any health issues!

It is never necessary to polish tungsten.

And we really do mean never!

A wedding ring made of tungsten carbide may be polished indefinitely to keep its original appearance for all of eternity. As a result, you’ll avoid having to pay a lot of money to have your ring cleaned every few years.

Cleaning & Maintaining Your Tungsten Ring

You don’t need to do anything to clean or take care of tungsten, since it requires little to no maintenance as discussed throughout this article.

Other than that, it should last a lifetime with very little care. If it does get filthy, you may soak it in warm, soapy water and wash it with a dry towel.

One thing to keep in mind while using a tungsten ring is to avoid dropping it on hard surfaces, such as marble or cement. The ring may break with this blow, much like a breakable porcelain cup, and it would be irreversible.

Even though they’re challenging, they may scratch under extreme strain, so use caution if this might happen!