What distinguishes a new build from a house renovation, extension, and addition?

It might be intimidating to discuss customizing your house with a builder if you are unfamiliar with the jargon and its variations. It will help you communicate with your builder more confidently and make articulating your requirements easier if you know whether you want to rebuild, add on, or renovate. We at Lux Mountain Homes want you to feel comfortable asking for what you want, therefore we’d like to make sure you understand these phrases.

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“Renovation” is one of the more widely used phrases in the building and construction sector. When used in reference to an existing building, it denotes updating, restoring, or fixing.

Maybe your house was constructed in the 1960s and it still has elements from that decade, but you want to update it:

You might choose to replace the windows’ frames.

Take down the wall paneling made of wood.

Make a worn-out, outdated kitchen into a contemporary gem.

Alter the bathroom to a more suitable size for a modern household.

Restoration is another word for renovation. You could choose to restore your historic house to its original state rather than modernizing your 1960s home. Here are several ways to do this:

removing the door and window frames made of aluminum nowadays

Replace the area’s simple cornices and architraves with ornate, carved ones.

Alternatively, remove the contemporary shower and rediscover the elegance of a claw-foot bathtub.

Renovation also includes fixing up a dilapidated house. replacing any damaged cabinets, walls, ceilings, or floors.

Renovations is the umbrella term for all of the aforementioned activities.


The word “extension” in the building business refers to enlarging an existing property’s total floor area. In essence, it refers to expanding an existing room or adding a new one while keeping the structure level. You will have to give up a portion of your yard in order to make way for the addition to your house.


An addition will increase the living area in your house, just like an extension would. Nevertheless, since a “addition” rises rather than falls, unlike an extension, you won’t have to give up any of your yard. Put another way, adding a room to your house will give you access to an additional floor. Increasing height as opposed to length.

New Build

“New builds” do not relate to an existing building, in contrast to the other phrases discussed here. These can involve creating a granny apartment in your garden, a rumpus room, or a new house. The new project is categorized as a “new build” as long as it is not connected to an existing property.

It’s not necessary to understand every word and expression used in the building sector; we will discuss your wants and aspirations. Therefore, even if you don’t comprehend the phrases, you shouldn’t be worried.

But you should never be afraid to clarify your understanding of the phrases used most frequently in the construction and building sector, or to ask inquiries. You are the one who must live with your decisions, after all.