Any home would benefit greatly from carpets as they are warm, cozy, visually appealing, and soft underfoot. If you’ve made a long-term investment in high-quality carpets, you’ll want to make sure they maintain their finest appearance and receive proper maintenance to extend their lifespan. Standard carpets should last three to five years before fraying, but wool carpets may survive longer if they are cared properly; with proper care, wool rugs may endure for decades.

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What are rugs made of?

Thick fabric floor coverings with an upper pile layer sewn to a backing are used to make carpets. For warmth and comfort, carpets usually rest atop an insulating layer of underlay. Rugs and carpets come in a variety of styles. Although woven carpets were traditionally made of wool, many carpets nowadays are made of synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, or polypropylene. These offer the benefits of being less expensive, easier to maintain, and having certain qualities for various interior areas.

What kinds of carpets are available? Carpet Types and Grades.

Carpets made of wool

Carpets made entirely of wool are thought to have the best quality. They are opulent, velvety to the touch, and a great home pleasure. In addition, wool is resilient, inherently resistant to crushing, and able to withstand significant foot traffic wear and tear. Its fire resistance adds even more advantages, making it a secure option for the house. It will smoulder in a fire, but it won’t ignite and spread throughout the house. Not to mention that because it is harvested from sheep during their annual shearing, it is sustainable and kind to the environment. But because of the natural wool collection procedure, the finished product is pricey and scarce.

Carpets made of nylon

This synthetic fiber is often used in carpets. The cost of nylon carpets is reasonable, and they are the most resilient of all the synthetic carpets, so they can withstand regular use and last longer. Actually, it works well in places with high traffic as well as for commercial usage. Because nylon carpet can withstand water, it also resists mildew and mold, which is advantageous in places with high usage. Thanks to developments in manufacturing technology, nylon carpets may now be made with strands of fiber that are thinner and softer, creating a more plush and cozy surface.


Large carpet producers have also created their own synthetic polymers, such the SmartStrand fiber made by DuPont. Due of the polymer’s renewable source, this product is environmentally beneficial. Additionally, it blends softness, stain resistance, and comfort. The industry is changing quickly, and chemical engineering and manufacturing businesses are creating new polymers with cutting edge durability, utility, and look.

Why do they become soiled?

You can notice the amount of household filth that accumulates right away on hardwood or laminate flooring. In homes, hair, skin, pet hair, dust, filth, germs, soil, and other materials all accumulate. Because carpets trap these materials in the pile, they get stuck. Many times, a carpet will appear clean, but upon closer examination or a scrape against the pile, clouds of dust and other particles will be revealed! For this reason, carpets require routine cleaning.

Maintaining your carpets

Regular carpet maintenance is required, along with the use of the right cleaning supplies and equipment. At the very least, vacuum your carpet 1-2 times each week to get rid of surface debris. By doing this, the carpet pile will be kept free of dust and loose particles. Should this occur, the carpet would start to lose its fibers and discolor.

The suction head of a cylinder cleaner should be the only tool used to vacuum loop pile carpets. Use an upright vacuum with a brush and beater bar for carpets with cut piles.

After new carpets are installed, give regular vacuuming extra care. Both synthetic and wool twist pile carpets require routine vacuuming thereafter to get rid of loose particles before they become embedded in the fibers.

Expert steam cleaning

What about stain removal while washing carpets and rugs? This is where steam cleaning and other specialized services provided by professional cleaners come in.

Steam cleaning is a thorough yet gentle method of washing carpets and rugs that leaves them both clean and sanitized. High pressure hot water combined with specialized detergent is injected to operate. Vacuuming and dry carpet cleaning are helpful for superficial cleanings, but steam cleaning eliminates deep dirt and microorganisms that may still be present in the pile of the carpet. Professionals like Cleaner Cleaner will employ a six-step process for carpet cleaning. For the best possible deep clean, the expert carpet cleaner will utilize a hot water extraction equipment that uses pressurized water and cleaning solution. The specialist will modify cleaning techniques and detergent formulations to fit the particular carpet.

Additionally, the steam carpet cleaning method helps to lessen allergens like dust mites, mold, mildew, and fungus, all of which are beneficial to those who suffer from allergies and asthma. Because of the high caliber of equipment utilized, hiring specialists also ensures that the carpet dries as rapidly as possible.

The rationale behind environmentally friendly carpet cleaning

Additionally, Cleaner Cleaner employs environmentally safe carpet cleaners that are potent and successful enough to get rid of even the most tenacious stains without endangering human health. While some less expensive and non-eco cleaners utilized by other steam carpet cleaning firms produce good results, they may also include harmful chemicals and heavy metals. We guarantee that our clients’ carpets are safe for their families and pets to use by only selecting the best eco-friendly carpet cleaners.

How frequently should carpets be steam cleaned?

Regular steam carpet cleaning will help your carpet last longer, which is crucial if you have made a high-quality purchase that is meant to look great for a number of years in your house or place of business. At the very least, we advise having a professional deep carpet cleaning service done twice a year. Some clients of Cleaner Cleaner choose to schedule steam cleanings for their carpets more frequently and also take advantage of other complimentary services, including upholstery cleaning.