7 health benefits of everyday lemon juice 2023


Lemons, another round, sour citrus fruit, are amazing. These foods are rich in vitamin C, calcium, folate, potassium, and other nutrients. Nutrient-rich, they’re healthy.

They enhance iron absorption, fight sickness, prevent kidney stones, minimize cardiovascular disease, and level out skin tone.

This small ball of delight does more than add color or tartness to meals and drinks. Lemon juice prevents several diseases.

Health Shots spoke with nutritionist Dr. Avni Kaul on the benefits of regular lemon juice.

7 health benefits of everyday lemon juice

  • It calms itchy throats

Honey and lemon in warm water are common sore throat cures. This combination may soothe sore throats. The specialist claims vitamin C in lemons boosts immunity and clears your throat.

  • Prevents kidney stones

Lemon juice increases urine citrate, which reduces kidney stone risk. Citrate binds calcium to avoid kidney stones.

  • Aids digestion

Lemon peels and pulp contain plenty of pectin. It boosts liver digesting enzyme synthesis and waste elimination.

  • Helps regulate blood sugar

High-fiber foods may help lower blood sugar. The specialist says this lessens the risk of diabetes and may assist individuals with the condition manage their symptoms.

  • It slims

Lemon pectin keeps you full longer, making it simpler to diet and lose weight. Fiber, especially from low-density sources like fruits, lowers body mass index and fat accumulation.

  • These six foods are antioxidant-rich

Antioxidants shield cells from oxidative stress-induced free radicals. Free radicals are connected to heart disease, diabetes, and various cancers.

  • Boosts immunity

Vitamin C in lemons keeps our bodies healthy.

Vitamin C increases white blood cell formation, which fights infections. Vitamin C reduces cold symptoms. Collagen production and inflammation reduction accelerate wound healing. Cuts and scrapes heal with collagen.

Lime juice contains antioxidants that protect cells from free radical damage, boosting your immune system.

Lemon juice has various benefits, but if you’re sensitive to citrus fruits or overconsume it, avoid it.

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