Are you hungry? Research suggests looking at food photos on your phone 2023


A new research found that seeing food photos on a phone can satiate hunger.

Since humans use audiovisual content to satisfy emotional demands like love and respect, this may not be surprising.

Thus, this approach may be used to satisfy hunger.

This is due to psychological variables impacted by our “needs.” Watching someone make or eat a delicious hot chocolate cake may soothe a hungry person. Scientists found that watching a food video or image on a phone for at least 30 minutes can satisfy hunger needs.

While cat movies are funny, gazing at food pictures might satisfy hunger.

A study in the peer-reviewed journal ‘Appetite’ reveals that food pictures may have the opposite impact, but with a catch. Only repeating the same image for over 30 minutes causes this effect.

Scientists have also shown that food imagery may either make or satisfy hunger. However, these outcomes reflect two extremes, therefore photos alone are not enough.

Scientists found that exposing research participants to photos of tasty food for more than 30 minutes increased fullness and decreased hunger.

Aarhus University Ph.D. Tjark Andersen says our nutrition affects our cognitive perception, a concept that often goes overlooked. How we feel about eating is important.

Brain research’s grounded cognition hypothesis explains this oddity. Imagine eating a raw mango with salt and chili to demonstrate this notion. Grounded cognition theory states that visualizing this experience engages the identical brain areas as eating the mango slice.

Thus, food perception—not consumption—satisfies hunger. Food affects us more psychologically than physiologically. If you have hungry pains in the middle of the night, look at some food photographs on your phone to satisfy your needs.

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