Bayer’s senior digital health initiatives 2023


Pharma corporations are joining digital health, demonstrating its impact on elder life and healthcare. Bayer’s consumer precision health section is the newest digital health effort.

The company’s new project will empower patients and caregivers with more personal health information to better control illnesses and enhance treatment. The drug giant is partnering with digital health firms to broaden its products. Sanofi has collaborated with digital therapeutics firms.

Observers believe senior housing operators are seeing the value of digital health programs and technology in enhancing care. Bayer’s other digital health tools, such as last year’s cardiovascular risk factor calculator, can aid heart patients.

CB Insights reported $3.4 billion in digital health investment in the first quarter of 2023. After last year’s drop, US digital health investment and deals have steadied at 68%.

Healthcare professionals say the general reduction in digital health financing 2023 makes startups and emerging technology better than ever. This might help long-term care providers with staffing and operations. Eight in 10 nursing facilities had staffing shortages at the start of this year, and assisted living had the highest work-related injury and sickness rate.

Digital health financing now prioritizes AI, workforce, and elder technology.

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