Counting Deaths Wakes Public Health 2023


Woke ideology corrupts more than just education and politics. Scientific inquiry—the cornerstone of development in almost every field—is also harmed by it. In medical research, awakened ideology has supplanted honest and truthful inquiry. Patient health and public policy suffer.

A Journal of the American Medical Association research appears to report alarming figures. Between 1999 and 2020, “disproportionately higher mortality rates in Black males and females resulted in 997,623 and 628,464 excess deaths, respectively, representing a loss of more than 80 million years of life.”

Deeper investigation reveals “structural racism, unmet social needs, and systemic bias as root causes.” CBS, ABC, and others mindlessly reported the “study” conclusions. Scientific American, paradoxically, called the findings a “call to action” for major social and political changes.

Not yet. Previous study gives a non-political rationale. Family income, education, occupation, unemployment, urban living, house ownership, and marital status explain much of the racial disparity in life expectancy. The current research assumes all are ethnically determined.

The Public Health Sector Awakens to Death Counting

Other elements besides racism may be involved, but researching them would need medical research rather than politically correct notions. African Americans have higher hypertension rates. A 2017 research found group variations in regular exercise contribute to the imbalance.

A 2018 research indicated that the “Southern dietary pattern” accounted for half of black men’s elevated risk for hypertension, whereas a 2019 study suggested genetic risk factors.

Because of their awakened agenda, the researchers ignore this. Their findings—published in a respected medical journal—are not scientific research. Nuance threatens their black/white worldview.

It requires real-world observation. Asians and Latinos lived longer than whites in 2019, according to the NIH. Asian/white discrepancy exceeds black/white disparity.

If racism causes group outcomes, Asians have superseded whites as its main beneficiaries. awakened reasoning leads to this inevitable conclusion, but since it doesn’t match basic awakened presuppositions, it’s ignored.

“The fraction [of the population that is] black increases mortality rates for blacks,” complicating the study team’s claim that mortality is a measure of discrimination.

Race hustlers and public health allies don’t care about context. Ibram X. Kendi famously said, “When I see racial disparities, I see racism.” Life expectancy and food inequalities prove racism to Kendi and his followers. Unfalsifiability sustains the scam.

The latest JAMA research shows how the expert class is obsessed with radical gender and race theories and prepared to sacrifice accuracy for political ends.

It’s damaging, especially to the worldview’s victims. Diet, exercise, preventative screenings, and primary-care visits help reduce death disparities. Public-health specialists prescribe “science-based” taught helplessness and hopelessness.

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