Donors Enhancing St. Lawrence College Health Sciences Learning Spaces 2023


After receiving almost $1 million from donations, St. Lawrence College (SLC) will upgrade its health sciences instructional areas.

Over the next three years, SLC will modernize its Cornwall, Brockville, and Kingston campuses.

Cornwall Effect

SLC’s Cornwall campus paramedic training facilities will be upgraded courtesy to $200k in contributions ($100k anonymous, $50k NuMED Canada Inc., and $50k Tom and Gail Kaneb Family Foundation). The new labs will have video capture, technology, and space to recreate paramedic conditions like a midnight roadway crash with poor light and pounding sounds. Simulations will improve emergency response training. Construction begins summer 2023.

“The degree of knowledge and experience required of newly graduated paramedics is constantly evolving and changing,” said Jennifer Haley, Associate Dean, School of Allied Health. SLC-trained paramedics will be better prepared for clinical placements and confidently join the industry after graduating by improving our labs and developing realistic simulated settings.

Brockville Effect

Brockville’s Specialty Nursing Lab will become Eastern Ontario’s advanced health sciences hub thanks to a $310k donation ($200k anonymous, $100k from the Tom and Gail Kaneb Family Foundation, $10k from the Don and Shirley Green Family Charitable Foundation). It will foster research and learning for speciality curriculums including NICU, PACU, OR, and ER training. Construction begins fall 2023.

Kingston Impact

A $400k grant from the William James Henderson Foundation will create a Kingston campus specialist Nursing Lab for speciality curriculum instruction. The Specialty Nursing lab will be a transformative, sensory learning space where students may practice their responses to urgent, stressful circumstances. Construction begins fall 2024.

“The Specialty Nursing Labs on the Kingston and Brockville campuses will empower the healthcare academic team to offer specialized training and increase student exposure to simulated, specialty environments, in order to create the best conditions for success in the field upon graduation,” said Dr. Barb LeBlanc, Dean, Health and Wellness at SLC.

“Each year, we welcome nearly 500 students to our Practical Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs across our three campuses, and another 70 in Paramedic, with over half our programming in healthcare or related fields.

“Our local donors’ generosity inspires and transforms. Their gift will directly benefit the communities, families, and individuals our graduates will assist in their careers and help strengthen the local healthcare workforce.”

The College will provide updates on Cornwall, Brockville, and Kingston projects and welcome community partners and benefactors to campus to open the spaces.

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