Health expert Michael Mosley advises fast weight loss 2023


Dr. Michael Mosley, a nutritionist, says losing weight slowly is a fiction.

Many dieters are warned that losing weight too rapidly will lead to regaining it. The 5:2 and Fast 800 diets disagree. Studies also show that faster weight loss reduces dissatisfaction and dropout.

Dr. Mosley said on his website: “In a recent review study titled ‘Myths, Presumptions and Facts about Obesity’ in the famous medical journal.

The New England Journal of Medicine, experts put this notion squarely into the’myths’ category. They found that losing weight rapidly is better than slowly after reviewing several research.

Michael Mosley’s advice for speedy weight loss

Dr. Mosley, who promotes a low-carbohydrate Mediterranean diet, claimed that faster weight reduction has additional benefits. “A recent Australian study backs up these claims,” he said.

“Researchers gave half of 200 obese individuals a low-calorie diet (less than 800 calories a day) for 12 weeks. The other half had to eliminate 500 calories a day to drop a pound a week. 36 weeks were required.

“Less than half of the consistent dieters completed 36 weeks. Most gave up due to frustration with delayed development. The quick weight loss program has over 80% compliance.

Both groups gained weight after three years. Michael Mosley noted that quick weight loss “isn’t suitable for everyone” and that “if you do decide to lose weight fast you have to make sure you have the right balance of nutrients in your diet”.

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