Hispanic mothers experience health disparities 2023


New moms die most from cardiovascular disease. “My health is our health”/”Mi salud es nuestra salud” is the latest American Heart Association campaign to educate Hispanic/Latina women, especially pregnant ones, on blood pressure management. One in 16 Hispanic women over 20 have coronary heart disease, the most prevalent kind of heart disease.

Family decisions are special to Hispanic/Latina women. They are the family leader since they raise and teach children. Over 61% of Hispanic/Latina mothers work in the U.S. Family obligations, including caring for aged parents and demanding, low-wage employment may leave them with less time to focus on their health.

Disparities in maternal health outcomes for Hispanic women exist.

Cardiovascular illnesses disproportionately afflict Hispanic/Latina moms. U.S. cardiovascular-related unfavorable delivery outcomes have grown, expanding racial and ethnic inequities. Hispanic/Latinas value health for themselves and their children.

The Association’s awareness campaign reaches and engages Latinas through social media, tools, and resources given through strategic alliances to help women throughout maternity care, starting with blood pressure management. Preeclampsia is detected via blood pressure.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Hispanic women have higher blood pressure and acquire it earlier than other non-Black racial groupings.

If their blood pressure is often over 120/80 mm Hg, the Association’s evidence-based criterion for increased blood pressure, women can test it at home and tell their doctor or pharmacist. Getting enough sleep, exercise, heart-healthy food, a healthy weight, and avoiding smoking can reduce women’s cardiovascular disease risk.

The American Heart Association, a global force for longer, healthier lives for all, advises Latina mothers to visit their clinic, doctor’s office, or local pharmacy to check their blood pressure and learn how to check and control it at home. For more information and tips on maternal health and managing blood pressure during all stages of pregnancy, visit: La hipertensin arterial y las mujeres | Go Red for Women and Embarazo y salud materna

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