Natural gas prohibitions have nothing to do with health 2023


The natural gas prohibition is bad policy. Beware politicians who call a natural gas ban a conspiracy theory. “I’m not hearing about this issue back home,” said Rep.

Jared Moskowitz (D-FL). Nobody wants gas stoves banned. Neither does the Biden administration.” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) termed the concept “cooked up” by “MAGA Republicans” and said, “Nobody is taking away your gas stove.”

If only. Just weeks after his statements, New York became the first state to ban natural gas stoves and furnaces in new buildings.

Congress can prevent mega fires.

Legislators want you to think these prohibitions are another plot. However, communities large and small have been imposing bans and limitations for years.

Berkeley, California, was the first city to ban residential natural gas in 2019. Local governments have since passed natural gas building regulations. These limitations might include natural gas hookup bans and strict energy rules.

Why the uproar?

The next battleground for climate campaigners is your gas stove. These prohibitions serve their self-righteous goal of net zero emissions. Gas appliances in commercial and residential buildings contribute 13% of heat-trapping pollutants.

Liberals advocate outright prohibitions over examining the costs and advantages so individuals may make the appropriate choice for themselves, using paternalistic, ham-fisted laws to “protect health.”

Activists don’t prioritize health. A range hood that vents outdoors reduces gas stove health dangers. These vents are not required. Instead, their goal is clear

Health bans are convenient. These prohibitions aim to electrify our houses and buildings, period. Voter buy-in has been difficult since not everyone believes “beneficial electrification” is helpful.

Politicians forbid because of this. Despite the high expense to taxpayers and homeowners. The Biden administration substantially subsidizes electrification via tax credits and refunds. But we can’t fund everything for the current leftist trend.

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