Opioids free. Cigarettes terrible. Health Canada thinks 2023


Health Canada has announced that Canada will be the first nation to print health warnings on individual cigarettes.

Critics have also pointed out that Canada is pioneering a “safer supply” strategy by providing massive doses of potent opioids to drug users in the belief that it will steer them away from tainted black market opioids (although there is compelling evidence that the users are selling the government-supplied opioids for cash).

Frederick Banting’s diabetic therapy rescued hundreds of dying patients.

And now, Canada has once again performed a medical scientific miracle. The multitudes of smokers who were not previously deterred by high taxes, advertising bans, air quality regulations, and cigarette packaging depicting medical horrors will now be forced to give up the habit permanently.

And this is only the start. By 2030, we anticipate a program that will require cigarette purchasers to check in with an app that uses artificial intelligence to depict them as cancer-ridden corpses. As technology advances, users will be required to upload photographs of family members so that they can be rendered as bereaved mourners encircling the cadaver.

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