Pfizer and Morocco Sign Two Agreements to Accelerate Universal Health Coverage 2023


Rabat – The Moroccan Health Ministry and Pfizer Laboratories inked two collaboration agreements to enhance universal health care.

The Ministry of Health stated that “the initiative is part of the support for the implementation of the universal health coverage launched by King Mohammed VI.” Khalid Ait Taleb presided over the signing ceremony on Wednesday.

The government noted that the agreements prevent antibiotic resistance.

The initial agreement between the government and Pfizer laboratories establishes cooperative arrangements. Management and health care improvements can help universal health coverage schemes succeed.

The deal also supports Morocco’s health ecosystem and new pharmaceutical access.

Morocco has often pledged to improve its healthcare system by embracing universal health coverage.

The assurances follow various healthcare issues in Morocco.

The Arab Barometer reports that just 23% of Moroccans are pleased with their health system in 2022.

The research found that 39% of Moroccans with higher incomes are happier with their healthcare than 12% of those with lower incomes.

The ministry’s Pfizer facilities Morocco arrangement supports Moroccan hospitals’ microbiological analysis facilities.

The National Strategic Plan for the Prevention and Control of Antimicrobial Resistance agreement also supports medical and biological education for health workers.

The pact also promotes Moroccan scientific research.

Morocco and Pfizer collaborated on health during COVID-19. Morocco acquired millions of Pfizer vaccine pills to fight the epidemic and vaccinate more people.

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