Are artificial sweeteners healthy? 2023


In recent years, artificial sweeteners have replaced sugar to cut calories and weight. Their safety and health effects have been questioned. Synthetic sweeteners taste delicious without calories.

Saccharin, sucralose, and neotame are common artificial sweeteners. Let’s talk about artificial sweeteners’ health risks to better comprehend them.

9 ways artificial sweeteners harm health

  • Cravings rise

Artificial sweeteners are sweeter than sugar, so the brain thinks it has eaten more calories than it has. This might increase appetite and desires, causing overeating and weight gain.

  • Gut damage

Artificial sweeteners may affect intestinal health. They affect gut microbes, causing glucose intolerance and obesity, according to recent studies. In mice, artificial sweetener altered gut flora and raised blood sugar.

  • Cancer risk

Despite official approval, artificial sweeteners may cause cancer. Although inconclusive, some artificial sweeteners may raise the risk of some cancers.

  • Type-2 diabetes risk

Artificial sweeteners raise type 2 diabetes risk. In overweight and obese people, diet drinks containing artificial sweeteners were linked to type 2 diabetes. Artificial sweeteners promote glucose intolerance, which can lead to diabetes.

  • Acidity rise

Artificial sweeteners increase body acidity, causing osteoporosis, joint discomfort, and kidney damage.

  • Brain Impact

Artificial sweeteners may damage the brain. Artificial sweeteners can change brain reward circuits and boost sweet food cravings.

  • Hidden calories

Artificial sweeteners have zero calories, but items using them typically have calories from other chemicals, which can cause weight gain.

  • Processed foods

Even people with dietary restrictions may have trouble avoiding artificial sweeteners in processed meals.

  • Taste buds

Artificial sweeteners can desensitize taste buds, making it hard to enjoy natural sweetness and making you want more of them.

In conclusion, artificial sweeteners may be unsafe. They may cause several health issues. Artificial sweeteners should be eaten in moderation to minimize health risks, but further study is needed.

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