Changing the results of surgery 2023


Drs. Jacques and Smriti Zaneveld were in a shuttle with medical residents and students discussing gaining practical experience in challenging surgical abilities through patient surgeries. Their inquiry led them to discover that surgeons drive almost 90% of important outcome indicators for many surgeries. Lazarus 3D resulted.

According to Founder and CEO Dr. Jacques, critical factors like cancer recurrence, hospital stay duration, and readmission rates primarily depend on the surgeon, their expertise, team, and preparedness, while technologies contribute only about 10% to overall outcomes.

We decided to make an identical copy of a challenging surgical patient to help these pupils. “If a patient has a brain tumor, we could build a similar structure of the brain and tumor, complete with the skull and blood vessels, to allow surgeons to practice in a mock operation,” he added.

Lazarus3D Founders

Lazarus 3D’s groundbreaking tissue-mimicking models resulted. PRE-SURE® technology revolutionizes surgical training and optimization. These models improve surgical training, optimize techniques, and help patients by mimicking genuine tissue qualities and letting surgeons simulate procedures.

“If we could succeed with this model, surgeries would be more seamless, efficient, and safer,” he continued. Drs. Zaneveld founded their firm.

in a kitchen where they created their first 3D printer, but years of development and iteration allowed them to swiftly manufacture prototypes of novel materials that acted like actual tissue. Now you can cut a Lazarus model and bleed and stitch it. He said patients can be treated with the same methods.

Regulations and market growth

Lazarus 3D obtained FDA approval five years after its founding, a major achievement. This helped launch their unique technology in the US in 2022. Innov8, part of the Arab Health Expo in Dubai, recognized their surgical simulation advances. This promoted their technique and its potential advantages for patients worldwide.

“The Innov8 competition helped us understand how this technology could benefit UAE patients. We gained US approval to treat genitourinary disorders like kidney cancer.

Our technology is not yet certified for human usage in the UAE. He remarked, “We are actively seeking clearances for additional indications and expanding our approvals.”

Partnerships and expansion

Abu Dhabi Ports Group is Lazarus 3D’s next interesting relationship. After regulatory permissions, they will sell their groundbreaking Pre-Sure models in the UAE through this agreement.

They want to introduce cutting-edge technology to the region to improve patient outcomes and surgical techniques. “We want to work with pioneering surgeons who want to use cutting-edge technologies.

Like any new product, we are committed to iterating and improving our products. We want to work with top specialists that are excited about new technology and eager to examine its clinical benefits during this first launch period. He said, “We deliver optimal value and plan to expand our collaborations.”

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