Gaza cancer sufferers forgo treatment as Israel border closes amid violence 2023


Gaza resident Dina El-Dhani was supposed to see her oncologist this week in a Jerusalem hospital, but the border was closed due to violent fighting between Israel and Palestinian terrorists.

Dhani is one of 432 cancer patients who have not received treatment since Tuesday, when Israel initiated assaults on the Islamic Jihad militant organization, sparking cross-border conflict. Her Augusta Victoria Hospital doctor consultation in Jerusalem determined her radiation treatment.

It’s delayed. “Do I have to wait two months for a new appointment?” said 40-year-old Dhani. As patients, the crossing is life. Border crossings improve my therapy or exit.” Millions were displaced by four days of heavy Palestinian rocket fire and Israeli air strikes.

Gaza cancer patients postpone treatment as Israel border closes amid fighting.

Israel and Egypt embargo Hamas-ruled Gaza for security reasons. A spokeswoman for Israel’s military liaison with the Palestinians indicated that Palestinian rocket fire has kept the crossings closed this week.

Gaza’s hospitals lack medical supplies and equipment to treat cancer patients. Most seek treatment in Israel, the West Bank, or elsewhere. Palestinian health professionals blame the 16-year siege for slowing healthcare growth.

“Unfortunately, we live in between two crossings and are besieged from both directions (Israel and Egypt),” said Aya Kolab, 30, who was scheduled for a DNA test at a Tel Aviv hospital to help her treatment.

“All my dreams stopped because the war stopped me from going, as Erez crossing is closed,” she said on social media, referring to the primary entry to Israel. Gaza Health Ministry spokeswoman Ashraf Al-Qidra claimed the border blockade had stopped 432 cancer patients from traveling Israel, East Jerusalem, and the West Bank, including 27 “life-saving” referrals.

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