Two forms of breast cancer—one stage 4—caused a mother’s nursing difficulty 2023


A 37-year-old parent with two forms of breast cancer warns that the indications might be subtle and you don’t need a family history.

Morgan Ryland told People she was well except for breastfeeding concerns. He pulled away from her right breast, causing discomfort. She suspected mastitis or blocked ducts.

She noticed worrying skin changes. Ryland’s doctor, who suspected mastitis, ordered an ultrasound. Mammogram, ultrasound, and three biopsies followed.

She had stage 4 breast cancer with spine and liver metastases. However, subsequent tests showed that her body’s breast cancer was distinct from her breast’s.

Ryland is now telling her tale to warn others.

I’m fewer than 1% likely to have breast cancer at this point. “I’m here,” she posted on Instagram.

Subtle breast cancer symptoms

Ryland was advised to have her ovaries removed after treatment. She told People she must take medicine for life.

This diagnosis seemed exceedingly unlikely on paper.

She’s youthful and cancer-free. Breastfeeding three children reduces breast cancer risk.

Early breast cancer screening is encouraged: On Tuesday, US breast cancer guidelines recommended screening all women at 40, not 50.

All ages should watch for signs. The American Cancer Society says a new breast lump is the first indication of breast cancer.

Other symptoms include breast enlargement, skin dimpling, breast or nipple soreness, the nipple curving inward, red, dry, peeling, or thicker skin, non-breast milk nipple discharge, and enlarged lymph nodes under the arm or around the collarbone.

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